The Baby

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I'm waiting for the bus at that busy bus stop on King Constantine avenue, the one near the chapel of, what's its name, anyway, a saint or the holy mother of something probably. My bus should arrive some time between now and half an our later, I hate waiting for busses, especially since my walkman is out of batteries and I can't listen to any music. And the cars are too loud! Do you think in the future the cars would be quieter? Airplanes are certainly quieter than what they were a few years ago. One can only hope.

Then there's this baby next to me in a fancy stroller who's crying all the time it's annoying. Where's his mother to comfort him? If it's a him. I can't tell. The stroller's fancy and it's dressed all in white as if they just christened it. It can't be, its parents should be somewhere around... Who leaves a child in a stroller in a crowded bus stop. He certainly couldn't have arrived here by himself.

I'm trying to shut the baby out. It's not there. It's not annoying. Get over it. Look away, see on the opposite side of the street there's this guy juggling oranges or something, look at him. No, don't look at him. He'll come by asking for a tip later and I don't have any coins. And I'm certainly not going to give him a hundred, no. What time is it? The bus is probably still a quarter away. And the baby is still crying. Somebody make him shut up.

Maybe there's a pacifier somewhere inside the stroller, let's have a look. Yeah, here it is. Hey baby, here suck on this, do us all a favor, there you go. Silence, at last. Ok, relatively because there's now this guy on the 50cc motorbike who's revving up all the time at the traffic light. I want to kick him in the balls. You'll make the baby start crying again, you bastard.

WHERE'S MY BUS! I'm tired here. It's more than 30 minutes since I came here. Fortunately the baby hasn't cried for a while. He's looking at me now and playing with my hands. He looks cute. No sign of his parents either. I'm starting to like him. I'm touching his tiny nose. Is that a smile? That's a smile. Awww. Let me find something that jingles. My keys. Hey mister look! Keys. Listen how they jingle!

At last! My bus. It's approaching fast. Hey little mister, nice to meet you! Hope your parents return soon. But what if they don't. Maybe I should wait for the next bus. I hate these old buses too, maybe the next one will be one of the new ones. They have airconditioning too. Now I'm gonna melt in there. Anyway, let's wait for the next. How do your parents look like, little mister? I'd like to meet them. When you see them tell them they can come over for dinner one day. Just kidding, I wouldn't know what to tell them, I'd just sit there all evening and say nothing and they'd be weirded out. I don't mind talking to you though, you seem to understand me. Nobody listens to me anyway.

Ah, look! A nice car over there. Wouldn't you like to have that car instead of waiting here for a crowded bus? Wouldn't it be nice to drive with the top open and have the air brush through your hair? You don't have much hair yet but you'll grow some soon. I think you'd be pretty when you grow up. I'm sure of it.

Now now, don't start crying again, look! there's another bus. Is it our bus already? It is. That explains why the other one was late and packed. Now I really got to go little mister. But who leaves a baby on a stroller in a crowded bus stop. If his parents never come get him? I promise I will watch the news every day. I will come here every day in the morning to catch my bus.

“Sir! will you help me a little, please!”